I'm pretty relaxed, i prefer a peaceful home. Also i don't like too many people knowing where i lay my head.
Hello, I am friendly health conscious male individual moving from Houston to Plano for work starting @ the end of July 2019. I am single, social person, with no smoking or drinking habits. I am trying to turn vegetarian for health reasons. I am very clean person with good house keeping habits.
Hello! I'm a recent graduate of Rhodes College with a bachelor's in English literature. I am moving to Austin to pursue a writing (or otherwise entry-level) job. I love the vibrancy and youthful culture of Austin and I can't wait to move!
I work full time and I am an online student at ASU. I love exploring the city and I have a boyfriend that would come over a couple times a week. I definitely am open to having friends over and would love to have someone that I can get along with. I have apartment in mind that is 10 minutes away from the Domain. Rent would be around 700 each. Lmk if you re interested!
I am looking to rent out one of my spare bedrooms. I am a teacher. All bills include. (water, electricity, high speed internet and cable). You will have full access to the house. Must be a non-smoker. We have 3 dogs so you must be pet friendly. $150 dollar deposit.
I m a professional basketball player ...I need somewhere to live untill September
I'm here in Texas for year working as a nanny I'm outgoing I just work a lot I don't party I don't do drugs I don't smoke.
I'm a speech pathologist and work for a charter district in Dallas. I've been in NYC most of the summer and have hopes of starting work there later in the fall... I don't want to sign a lease in Dallas (currently in AirBnb) till I'm positive I won't be moving! So.... I'm an easy, clean person - quiet and neat... but fun, Too. :) I have an older goldendoodle, Link, who is a volunteer dog in long...
I'm a pretty normal guy. I'm moving to Austin in August to start my career so I'm going to be mainly focused on that. I've actually never been to Austin so I'm excited to explore the city. I am pretty tidy but not obsessively. I am super social and for sure like nightlife. I was a bartender in college. I like to be active and am always on the move. I'm a super easy roommate. I'm open to live wi...