California greys great production bird. Outdoor already no heat light needed now available.I also have Buff OrpingtonCornish rockGolden sexlinksblue splash OrpingtonBlack splash OrpingtonPearl white leg hornsOn first hatches of this season.Speckled SussexBlue laced red wyndottesAnd Easter eggers and Olive eggersStill to come this season.Call or text

Bird cage

This cage will fit in vehicle, light weight and easy to handle.Cash onlyNo scammers thank you ...dont waste you time.
Finches For Sale. Indian Silver Bill 10 each, Normal Zebra males only 10 each. 3 Males English zebras 30 each. Bronze Winged Mannikin 15 each. Orange Cheeked Waxbill 30 each. 4 Spice Finch 30 each. 1 Chestnut- Breasted Mannikin 80. 2 Black and White Mannikin 30 each. Pied Java 45 each. Split Javas 45, Normal Javas 50 each. 2 Pairs of Fawn Javas 130 each pair. 1 Male Silver Java 75 each. 4 Young...
Good sized Bird cage for sale $125 in great condition including a hideout cozy bed and plenty of treats for the bird and an anti-flea attachment included. dont miss out willing to negotiate if reasonable
Bird Cages 25.00 20.00Perfect for small birds.1 heavier gauge metal w some perching posts.1 smaller lighter weight. Both in good condition.
Fabulous birdbath for your yard. Very heavy one piece statuary. A goddess. Mystical and Angelic. Highly detailed piece. Will look great in your yard for display. Great shape. Shes a heavy one piece statue. Small chip on the base,You must bring help OR a dolly, it takes two people to move and I have some stairs. $80 CASH- FIRM. PU 2222Mopac area.
So I have a big bird cage used for housing birds on the larger size, parrots, conures, African greys, etc. Its in pretty good shape except it was originally missing the front door, so I built one on it. Not a carpenter but it came out pretty good. Has a stand that goes with it and a number of bird toys too. I know cages like this are expensive at stores so Im asking only $50 for it. Will go a l...
Repurposed new paper stand would make a great birdhouse or bird feeder. 4 feet tall 16 long 15 wide. Does have gravel inside the base to keep it from tipping over plus I have the middle divider and the front plastic if you want to put it back on to keep it closed. Call or message me for more information between 6am and 1pm or after 8pm I do work overnight.
Up for consideration are 2 Pure Sanford Sweater stags , and 1 Pure Stub Poyner Murphy stag blinker . Need to sell all off my yard . All make good broodstags . 15 months old . Murphy line since 1999 , and sweater blood since 2006. Call or text for more info . No shipping due to Hot weather, Pick up only . SE HABLA ESPAOL . EL TOCALLO GAMEFOWL
Im selling some young finches. Indian Silver Bill 15 each, Normal Zebra Finches 15 each. White Zebra Finches and Chestnut Zebras 20 each. 3 Males English zebras 45 each. Young Pied Javas 35,Young Normal Javas 50, Young Fawn Javas 60, Young Silver Java 65.. Male Red Headed Parrot Finch 140. Male Red- Billed Fire Finch 50 each. College Station, Texas. You can text or call at 979-587-11-7- Five. T...
over a month agoWaco, TX+172 milesFarm and Garden Equipment for Sale
I have approx 65 pullet white leghorns left , 4 weeks old. Need to move them . No longer need light $3.00 each, special pricing when you buy larger amounts.Roosters $2.00, better pricing if you buy allOther pullets available as well. Pick up in Elm Mott .
I have 10 broiler meat birds ready at between 5-8 pounds, $15 per bird. Bring a box or crate. Schedule to pick up after 6pm or Friday April 19Sat April 20 all day. Caldwell Chriesman, TX.Rising Double R RanchKey words fresh chicken, fried chicken dinner, Sunday dinner, broilers, pastured, poultry, meat
Large breeders,& smaller asscorted sizes condations vary 979 236 1412
These are fryer size broilers and ready to be butchered. They are live and are meat birds. Not laying chickens. Need to sell immediately as they are eating us out of house and home. We have 118 birds. Great quality chicken
Are you out of egg Well leghorn are very good egg layers , they are known as one of the best egg layers. They are thin birds and dont eat much, but lay large white egg almost daily. There is a minimum of at least 5 birds. I hate to leave what Im doing just to sell one bird. So yes must buy 5 or more hens or roosters. If interested send text message to reply phone number and I will get back to y...
We have Coturnix quail chicks for sale in variety of beautiful and rare colors. All our quail are housed separately by breed. We have Pearl, Pansy, German pastel, Tibet, blue egg layers, and two different colors of tuxedo. We also have jumbo brown and jumbo recessive white. Chicks in their first week are $3 each and those in their second week are $3.50. The price goes up every week by .50. Adul...
I hatch all my quail eggs together so you would be getting an assortment which would include some of each. They are hard to tell apart when they are young. Chicks under two weeks are $5 each and older Birds priced accordingly. Will have grown birds in the fall. Se habla Espanol
Have some Buitta - Janssen bred homing pigeons for sale different colors this years babbies 6 for 60.00 also have 23 Breeders for 230.00 or 200.00 for all 29 birds call THANKS
Naturally raised Laying hens. Golden comets. 12-15 months old. Minimum order is 25 birds. $6 eachCall text Gallinas organica Golden comets. 12-15 meses de edad. Minimo es 25 gallinas. $6 cada unaMellama texto
Coturnix quail eggs for sale. $3.00 a dozen. These have been washed and refrigerated. If requested, can collect, not wash and not refrigerate for hatching. The hens are in with roosters. They have not had any medications and were born here. They are fed scratchbird feed, game bird feed and some veggies ever so often. They are great boiled, pickled and I have actually made little deviled eggs. I...


2 week old Golden CometsCinnamon Queens $8.00 PULLETS 1 week old Barred Rock and Black Sex-links. PULLETS $7.00Birds will go up by $1.00 for every week starting 51WelSummer STRAIGHT RUN $5.00 NO I WILL NOT GIVE YOU MY CODE SO DONT WASTE MY TIME


Beautiful, healthy peafowl. Juveniles are just starting to grow their tail feathers. Juvenile pairs, $175. Adult peacocks available from 2 to 4 years old, mature gorgeous birds, $150 up. Discounts on more than 6 birds. Delivery may be available for fuel fee.
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