I am rehoming this little guy for my mom who can no longer give him the attention he needs. Hes very sweet and likes to be cuddled. If serious about giving him a good life pleasr contact me. He will come with cage pictured.
Free rabbit hutch. Must pick up today. ooa pick up pm me for location admin approved LL
Could these 2 boys be any more attractive??? They are full of energy and spark and have the cutest personalities!
Chance is about 8 mons old and is a single male. He'd make a perfect pet for someone that only wants 1 guineapig, as he is dominant and doesn't get along with other piggies.
Daisy is a single female guineapig. She is just sweet, but does not get along with other female guineapigs. She's make any little girl (or boy) happy!
These 2 gorgeous ladies are just cute! They are skittish and not all that used to humans. With some loving help, they will enjoying cuddles and treats in no time!
Wally and Ollie are 2 seniors at the rescue. They need experienced guineapig owners. They are old and gentle and just want to be adored! They want cuddles all day long! Please consider giving them a forever home.
These 2 young girls need a bit of socialization, in order to not be so skittish. They need to learn how kind "hoomans" can be. With a little handling, they will make excellent pets!
Sam and Chapo are 2 precious guineapig boys! They are a matched pair and are looking for that perfect "hooman" to take care of them!
Fred is a Skinny, or Naked guineapig. He is about 8-months old and would love to find another male to hang out with. If you have a male guineapig, bring him in and see if they get along! They could make a perfect match!
These 2 young boys are ready to go to a loving home or a foster home. A bit more socializing and handling will do them great and they will learn to trust "hoomans" just a bit more!